Quality has tradition

From contract manufacture to an internationally known company: the story of the success of the EMIL KREISKOTT machine factory began in 1932. At this time, Emil Kreiskott started the contract manufacture of precision gear wheels in Wuppertal-Barmen. Its quality and know-how were in such demand that the contract manufacturer soon developed into an independent manufacturer of complete gear units. In addition to precision gear wheels, the company has also been manufacturing electric motors since 1947.

Today, the EMIL KREISKOTT machine factory is a third-generation family company. The focus of its design and manufacturing are special gears for material handling technology.

Above all, its professional design and manufacturing know-how gained over decades benefits these customised solutions.

In all stages of manufacturing, strict quality standards and comprehensive final inspections according to DIN ISO 9001 consistently guarantee that KREISKOTT gears prove themselves daily in the most difficult conditions all over the world.